Create with purpose,
produce with heart.

Create with purpose, produce with heart

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Join us for this tried and true, Jamie Wollrab Studios favorite. Back by popular demand for the fourth year. Enrollment is open now.

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Creating A Steady Rain in Sante Fe with my good friends Shaun Sipos, Lewis Pullman, and Justin Huen was an adventure in how art seems to be made in 2023. 


Leading a five-day embodiment workshop and then traveling to produce a play in Santa Fe was an eye-opening experience and a reminder of why we must do the work to develop ourselves holistically.


"Masculine" and "Feminine" Dynamics in Creativity

The fullest expression of both helps us to both reveal our richest life possible *and* to effectively give our gifts to the world.

A Steady Rain Art
Brothers Play

Jamie Wollrab Studios is a synergistic production company & creative development studio.​​

Specializing in developing fully-realized characters, empowered voices and confident creative expression through storytelling, mindfulness, and supportive community.


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Jamie Wollrab is a creative mastery coach, director and producer.

Jamie's passion and inspiration comes from joining success, artistic fulfillment, and emotional and spiritual health.


Praise for Jamie

"I would highly recommend any artist to work with Jamie. Your experience will not only inspire you to be a greater performer, it will drive you to be a better human being for yourself and those around you."
Lana Parrilla
Once Upon A Time, The Tax Collector
"Jamie’s coaching intertwines artistry and spirituality, bringing depth to my life and work. Always inspiring and often challenging, he has been an amazing resource of wisdom and guidance for me as an actor and as a man."
Carter Jenkins
Mad Men, Famous in Love

If you want to work on your art, work on your life."